Running turns 2

So, it’s 2 years I took up on running. I am running daily, it’s been more than 365 days as of now. But now, it is not part of my daily chore but a lifestyle.
2017, I took up running. 2018, I improved in it.
This year, I ran not in many events, but I ran daily. And, as a result I improved a lot.
Following are the events I ran:

IDBI Marathon (42.2km)

IDBI Marathon
IDBI Marathon
  • Big Chandigarh Marathon 2018 (21.1km)
  • Vaisakhi Half Marathon (21.1km)
  • 4th Punjab Half marathon (21.1km)
  • Super Sikh Run (21.1km)
  • Beardothon Chandigarh (10km)
  • Neti Run (5km)
  • 100 days of running Challenge
  • I am running 333 days – Non stop till now.

Timings improved:
Personally, I believe that practice shows me results in my second year of running and I have improved with good timings this year.
This is how much I have improved:
First FM finished
HM 1:56:39 > 1:41:45
10k Around 52 > 49:14
5k 23:12 > 21:13

registered for ultra but..

What’s next ?
As described in my earlier post , I have some different plan for progressing in running this year. Last year, where focus was on logging more miles, this year will focus on quality training instead of doing more.
Yes, quality running means maintaining a balance between long runs, speed work, rest time, tapering, strength training, cross-training, etc.
Currently I am following a schedule having at-least 1 long run & 1 speed work per week, and slowly increasing my strength training workout.
I have already registered for my 2nd Full marathon in New Delhi – IDBI Marathon and 6 hrs stadium run, Tuffman (Yo, Ultra in progress).
Hope, this year be more tough in terms of training and more fruitful in results.

Enjoy injury free running in 2019!